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Join our face-to-face Chinese classes in one of our 10+ locations, 6 days a week, across Sydney!

Students learn best when they're having fun, so we pack every class with language games and activities.


Prefer the flexibility of learning online?

Our Zoom classes run 6 days a week, filled with visually engaging content, games on the virtual whiteboard, and cultural arts and crafts to follow along at home.


For over 20 years, Huaxia has provided Mandarin Chinese education to thousands of students.

Our teaching methodology is simple.

Instead of memorising textbooks, students learn better when they're having fun, applying new vocabulary as quickly as possible, and experiencing the beauty of Chinese culture as they do it.

From humble beginnings in a community centre on Sydney's Northern Beaches, Huaxia now has 10+ campuses, 40+ educators, and over 800+ students enrolled.

Join our community today!

Why Huaxia?

Fun & Immersive Classes

Effective learning is fostered by fun and enjoyment. That's why we make sure every class is jam-packed with activities and games that spark students' curiosities, not only for Mandarin, but for the Chinese culture.

Expert & Passionate Teachers

Huaxia's teachers have decades of combined experience teaching Chinese. They are dedicated to tailoring teaching approaches for each student's needs.

Where Talents Flourish

We provide students with frequent opportunities to showcase their Chinese and other talents. Huaxia's students receive priority access to international talent shows and competitions - whether it's singing, art, writing, or anything else, Huaxia can provide you a platform to showcase it to the world!

Our Locations

Huaxia's face-to-face classes are mostly hosted at primary schools across Sydney.
Even if you don't go to school there, you're likely eligible to come – contact us to find out!

Prefer online classes?

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